Symptoms you should not ignore

When something doesn’t feel right, it can be difficult to decide when you need to seek medical attention. These are the warning signs you should never ignore.


One in five mature Aussies in pain

More Australians than ever visited their GP for chronic pain in 2015-16, and an estimated 1.6 million people aged 45 and over lived with persistent, ongoing pain in 2016.


How to control nerve pain

Nerve pain is a type of chronic pain that affects one in 20 Australians.


Why so many Aussies are burnt out

The health conditions that are hurting too many Australians.


Choose the best pain reliever

Older people are the most likely to experience side-effects when taking over-the-counter pain relievers. So, while it’s easy to trust familiar brands when reaching for an over-the-counter pain reliever, there are things you should consider first.


‘Revolutionary’ pain treatment

A new class of preventative drugs is offering life-changing treatment for migraine sufferers, according to a report published in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Health News

The holy grail of pain relief?

Research this year should reveal if a new drug is in the making after researchers find fungus that mimics opioids.

Alternative Therapies

How to treat chronic pain

One in five Australians live with chronic pain every day and, as a result, many sufferers are seeking effective chronic pain treatment and management. Here are some tips from a long-time sufferer.


Miracle arthritis pain vaccine

Researchers from Oxford University have developed a vaccine which could block arthritis pain.


How to be the boss of your pain

Melinda Bowd shares her journey – how she learnt to live with chronic pain and how you can too.


Emotional freedom’s ‘wonder cure’

I witnessed a gentle exorcism in which Emotional Freedom Technique master Russell Cunningham dispelled Jane’s ‘demons’ and her anxiety. He explains what else this mysterious therapy can achieve.

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Take the poison

Many people think that pain is not an important enough symptom to warrant painkillers. It should be. Dr Erica Cam-Taylor explains why painkillers improve quality of life and may actually extend it.

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