Turnbull's dual citizenship debacle

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull may have his own dual citizenship troubles according to a report today which suggests his Jewish heritage may present a citizenship headache.


Barnaby Joyce dual citizenship saga

On Monday, New Zealand Prime Minister, Bill English, confirmed that the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia Barnaby Joyce is a citizen of New Zealand.


Senators have voted down a motion to freeze their pay

A motion to freeze senators’ pay until a budget surplus is delivered was voted down yesterday, with just six of the 75 senators voting for the motion to pass.


Public eVoting one step further

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked for a cabinet submission on the use of swipe cards for MP voting, in an effort to speed up the process in Parliament.


Labor kills same-sex marriage plebiscite

Confirming what has been expected for weeks, Labor has announced it would indeed vote against the legislation that would enable a plebiscite on marriage equality.


Sam Dastyari faces criticism for receiving dodgy donations

Labor powerbroker Sam Dastyari continues to face criticism for receiving donations from businesses with Chinese interests, with the PM calling it “cash for comment”.


Malcolm Turnbull’s 25-point plan contains 23 old measures

The PM has presented his 25-point battle plan for the new Parliament to ponder. Only his plan contains 23 old measures that didn’t pass muster the first, second or even the third time round.


Nationals MP will cross floor to vote down super policy

Nationals MP George Christensen has said that he would cross the floor of Parliament to vote down the Coalition’s superannuation policy unless significant changes are made.

Federal Election 2016

Election 2016: Older Australians are dissatisfied with politics

A national poll has revealed that older Australians are dissatisfied with the state of Australian politics, but even though they distrust politicians, they still have faith in democracy.

Federal Election 2016

Federal Election 2016: We’re heading to the polls on 2 July

Yesterday, Malcolm Turnbull visited the Governor-General to have the two houses of Parliament dissolved and, as we’ve all suspected for several weeks, we’ll be heading to the voting booths on 2 July 2016.


Age Pension portability changes pass Lower House

The legislation change to Age Pension portability passed the Lower House of Parliament yesterday with an 87–56 vote.


Federal Minister Stuart Robert’s secret China visit probed

Federal Minister Stuart Robert is under fire for a secret trip to Beijing, where he visited with his millionaire friend Paul Marks to secure a business deal with the Chinese Government-owned Minmetals.

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