Most common cause of delays

A study, conducted by UK retailer Feel Good Contacts, found that ePassport gates were most often fooled by facial hair, big bellies, people who’ve lost weight or had piercings.


No more long queues in the UK

Australians heading to the UK will be pleased to know they will no longer have to wait in long airport queues upon arrival.


Passport changes will cause delays

Security expert John Coyne says biometric passport systems could cause diabolical delays at airports.

Travel News

Three most powerful passports

Three Asian nations share the podium for this year’s most powerful passport awards.


Caught out by passport crackdown

If your passport is damaged, it might be time to get a new one – or suffer the same fate as the Aussie travellers who have been turned away from entering popular destinations over the past couple of months.


Surprisingly most powerful passport

A rather unassuming country is the new holder of the world’s most powerful passport, according to the 2018 Passport Index.


Long wait queues in the UK to end

Australians travelling to the UK will be rapt with the news that as of next year their passport will enable them to fast track through the long border control queues at UK airports.


Gender neutral passports?

Leonne Zeegers from Breda has become the first person in the Netherlands to receive a gender-neutral passport.


How to keep your passport safe

Mel is heading to China and has heard stories of passports being stolen by muggers in the region. She's asked Leon for tips on how she can keep her passport safe and secure.


Which passport should I use?

Mary has two passports, and so she wants to know the protocols to follow when entering and exiting certain countries. In today’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne explains.


What do I do if I lose my passport?

Julie’s worried about what to do if she loses her passport while travelling. Lee Mylne offers some tips on how to handle this situation.


Passport validity

John is keen to do one last overseas trip but can’t understand why his passport has to have six-months validity and thinks that renewing it is just an unnecessary expense.