Age Pension

Super changes will improve retiree living standards

The Actuaries Institute has welcomed changes to Australia’s post-retirement superannuation system that it hopes will lead to improved living standards for retirees.

Retirement Income

Government turns banker to top up retirement incomes

The Pension Loan Scheme allows retirees to borrow modest amounts of funds from the Government.

Seniors Finance

How the Pension Loan Scheme works to top up your pay

Part age pensioners or people who do not receive any income support pension because of the income or assets test are able to borrow instalments from the Government, under the Pension Loans Scheme.

Age Pension

Federal Budget 2018: Pension Loans Scheme broadened, amounts increased

The Pension Loans Scheme has been extended to all eligible people of Age Pension age and the amount able to be borrowed will increase.


Call to expand Pension Loan Scheme

Senate crossbenchers are urging the government to give full pensioners the ability to subsidise their retirement incomes by borrowing against the equity in their homes.

Mortgage & home Loans

An alternative to reverse mortgages

Following on from our reverse mortgage article last week, subscriber Chris has suggested Centrelink’s Pension Loan Scheme as an alternative. But how does it work?


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