ACCC delivers novel ‘solution’ on petrol price gouging

Petrol prices across several capital cities jumped 10 cents a litre a few days before the long weekend, but an ACCC review has a novel ‘solution’.


The new app letting drivers lock in the cheapest fuel

7-Eleven has just released a smartphone app that allows drivers to ‘lock in’ the cheapest price for petrol, based on their location and real-time fuel-price data.


Easy ways to cut expenses

If not kept in check; everyday expenses can see you blow your budget. These simple tips may seem obvious, but how many do you follow?


How to find the best-priced petrol

The dramatic rise in fuel prices in the last ten years has caused many Australians to re-examine the way in which they go about purchasing fuel for their car. Drew explains which days are the cheapest and how to find the best-priced petrol in your area.


Saving on the road

Keeping to a budget when travelling around is one way to make your money go further. YOURLifeChoices has some clever ideas for saving money on the road.


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