Pets, touch and COVID-19: Why our furry friends are lifesavers

New research from the University of South Australia shows just how crucial our pets have been in 2020, particularly to people denied human-to-human contact due to lockdowns and social isolation.


Dog behaviours and what they mean

Interpreting common dog behaviours and the meaning behind them.


A guide to hiking safely with your furry friend

Going on long hikes through the bushland, with spellbinding views and secret trails, may be a rediscovered passion for you. Why not share this wonderful hobby with your furry friend?


Two-thirds of Australians have pets, but are they happier?

For the first time, the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey asked participants about pets. This is what they discovered.


Easy ways to get rid of pet hair in your home

Having a dog or cat often means lots of pet hair on your floors and furniture. Here are 10 quick ways to remove it.


Vegetables dogs can and can’t eat

You know you need a range of vegies in your diet, but does your dog? Here are some of the best vegetables to feed your dog, and which ones to avoid.


Eight things we do that really confuse our dogs

Dogs are very sociable, loyal and adaptable. Here’s how to observe and understand your dog’s behaviour.

Choosing the Right Pet

Six things no-one tells you before buying a puppy

More and more of us are looking for canine companionship while working from home. Here are six things you should know before committing to a puppy.


Bizarre things you probably didn't know about cats

We feed them, stroke them, and live alongside them – but how much do you really know about your cat?


Cats that made their mark on the world

With so many pet cats in the world, it’s hardly surprising that some have managed to prowl their way into the history books.


Tiny pleasures that make people happy on a cold day

We reached out on Facebook to ask what makes YourLifeChoices members happy on a cold day.


Do dogs really feel empathy, guilt, grief?

Award-winning dog trainer and TV host Victoria Stilwell has published a new guide on ‘unlocking’ canine minds. Hannah Stephenson finds out more.

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