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What does aircon really do to your body?

From drying out your eyes to improving your sleep. Here are the effects air conditioning can have on your body.

Technology News

Falling down the rabbit hole of pet technology

If you thought owning a pet was simple, you'd be surprised at the technology available.


How to make dog ownership more affordable

Why is it so expensive to have a dog, and what, if anything, can help keep costs down?


Your money or your pet? What Aussies would pay to save a pet

Pet insurance can be valuable, but there are lots of loopholes, exclusions and caps, warns CHOICE.


Can I flush pet poo down the toilet?

You don't want a smelly bin, but what do the experts say about flushing that pet poo?

Self-drive holidays

Launch of dog-friendly caravans creates 'pawfect' road trip

If your fur baby is the most important part of your travel plan, you might want to check out these caravans.


Got a fat cat or a plump pooch? Vet tells what you're doing wrong

Know your pet's starting weight and take it slowly, says consulting veterinarian Jessica Mills.


Weird and wonderful facts about bearded dragons

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular pet reptiles in the world. Here are seven weird and wonderful facts about them.


Study finds dogs can detect COVID-19 with 96 per cent accuracy

Specially trained detection dogs can sniff out COVID-19-positive samples with 96 per cent accuracy, says a proof-of-concept investigation from the University of Pennsylvania.


Special abilities that show dogs are smart

Cancer detection and six more extraordinary things you never knew your dog could do.


Canine health heroes and their extraordinary stories

From sniffing out cancer, to transforming the lives of people with chronic conditions, dogs really are a force for better health.


Lack of regulation for pet food in Australia

Another pet food poisoning in 2020 shows Australian pet food standards are not up to scratch.

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