Choosing the best mobile contract

Tom is looking to upgrade his out-of-contract mobile phone plan and would like to know the differences between 12- and 24-month contracts.

Mobile Phones

Keep your data limit

If you’ve been on your mobile data plan for some time, you may be surprised at how the download limits have changed on new plans and not necessarily for the better. A quick phone call may be all it takes to get you more data for your dollar.


Telcos told to stop gouging customers

Australia has some of the highest global roaming costs in the world. This week Prime Minister Julia Gillard threatened telcos with a price-cap on global roaming charges if they don’t lower costs for phone calls and data for consumers when they are overseas.


Telcos’ prepaid data swindle

A number of Australian communication companies are rounding up data sessions of pre-paid mobile users to the nearest megabyte. Drew explains what this means and which providers to avoid.


4G wifi devices

With the National Broadband Network (NBN) still at least two to three years away for most Australians, 4G wifi networks are becoming a viable option for a faster internet connection. Drew explains where 4G coverage is currently available and how much a connection will cost.