TECH Q&A: What to do when you lose your landline

Kerry wants to know if she has to sign up to an expensive deal to keep her landline once the NBN is installed in her area.


Never accept a call from an unknown number

If you don't recognise the number, don't answer it. And beware the scammers claiming to be from Centrelink or the Australian Federal Police.


Police trial new tech to catch texting drivers

Victorian police are trialling a new red-light style camera that photographs drivers using their mobile phones behind the wheel.


Old technology that deserves a second look

Newer isn’t always better; some technology still stands the test of time.


Telstra clamps down on third-party subscription services

Telstra will no longer offer third-party mobile subscriptions to its customers from 3 December, but will Optus follow suit?

Mobile Phones

Nokia’s new phone isn’t quite what you would expect

Compared to its more technologically advanced competitors, Nokia’s newest phone harks back to the analog era. So, when can we expect Nokia’s new affordable 3310 in Australia?


NBN cost blowout

New NBN estimates have blown out by $8 billion, as well as projecting a diminished return on investment from 5.3 per cent down to 3.5 per cent.


Worldwide phone SIM card hack

US and British spy agencies have allegedly stolen encryption keys from Dutch SIM card manufacturer Gemalto, which will allow the spy agencies access to millions of phones worldwide.


New iPhone expected for September

Apple is expected to unveil the new iPhone 5s at an event on 10 September as well as a less expensive iPhone named the 5C.