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Every photograph tells a story

Burial outfits, sexuality and ageing laid bare are just part of these confronting and inspiring exhibitions.

Self-drive holidays

South Africa: Dairne John puts into pictures what she can’t say in words

Dairne John returns home to South Africa after 32 years living away and embarks on a road trip with her Tasmanian-born husband. Her photos say what words can’t.


Travel Vision: Strange request gets this Eiffel tourist an ‘eyeful’

Instagrammer Sid Frisjes’ 15 minutes of fame will forever linger in the internet prank hall of fame.


Death penalties doled out for selfie-taking tourists

Thai officials are threatening snap-happy tourists with death penalties for taking selfies at a Thai tourism hotspot just outside of Phuket.


How to shoot your travel videos like a pro

Do you want to brush up on your video skills and create perfect travel memories? Here are four simple tricks to make your videos as awesome as your travels.


18 perfectly timed photos

Occasionally, if you’re in the right place at the right time, the world will present you with a moment to capture a perfectly timed photo.


Pro photo tips: how to capture a sunrise and sunset

Award-winning photojournalist Danielle Lancaster shares her top tips on how to capture an image you will cherish forever – and be proud to show even your most discerning friends.


Must-see incredible photos of Earth taken from outer space

We live on an amazing planet. And although many people may not appreciate the world in which we dwell, looking at it from afar may instigate a renewed respect for Earth.


Ten trees that defy nature

From growing out of buildings to surviving the harshest conditions on the planet, here are 10 trees that defy nature.


The most colourful cities in the world

There’s no shortage of exciting and fascinating destinations in the world, but these six cities stand out for their vibrancy and remarkable colours


Do you recognise these celebrities?

School photos are synonymous with fake smiles and awful haircuts. At least we can be grateful that ours aren’t on the internet, unlike these celebrities’ teenage snapshots.


Photographer Nick Rains presents his favourite aerial views of Australia

Nick Rains has been photographing Australian landscapes from 1500 feet (or thereabouts) for 30 years. Leon asked Nick which are his favourite aerial views from each state, and why.

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