Cakes & Baking

Rachel’s Traditional Blackberry and Apple Pie

Blackberries are in season, so why not finish the week with this Traditional Blackberry and Apple Pie?

Cakes & Baking

Baked Custard Tart

This cake-sized Baked Custard Tart is much quicker an easier than making individual tarts, and the taste is exceptional. Caution: you will be asked to make this tart again. And again.

Gluten-free chicken and vegetable pie

This Gluten-Free Chicken and Vegetable Pie is fantastic fresh out of the oven, and it’s friendly to those with gluten, fructose and lactose-intolerance without compromising on taste.


Freeform Fruit Pie

If creating a perfectly crimped pie crust drives you crazy then you will love this Freeform Fruit Pie. It embraces the beauty of imperfection in everything but taste.


Eggplant and Pasta Pie

This Eggplant and Pasta Pie makes enough for two people, plus three frozen dinners – that means no more cooking for three nights! And it tastes great, too. What more could you want?

Cakes & Baking

Rachel’s Pear and Raspberry Pie with Ginger Custard

Rachel shares her recipe for a delicious and light Pear and Raspberry Pie.

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