How to … sleep well on a plane

In order to avoid fatigue and jet lag, getting a good sleep on a flight is essential, yet surprisingly hard. Here’s our step by step guide to ensure you get all the ZZZs in you need.


UK airline to introduce economy sleeper beds

Ever wanted to stretch out over a whole row of seats to have a snooze on a plane? Well, the sleeping solution for economy flyers may have just arrived.


Finally, a supportive travel companion

With feedback including ‘life changing’ this footrest is a must have for anyone over four feet who wants to sleep on a plane.


The seven commandments for airplane attire

For those who often find themselves inadequately dressed at the airport, despair no more. Follow these seven rules and you will be comfortably and appropriately attired for your next flight.


The top five airlines worldwide in 2017

Who are you flying with next time you travel? Here are your top five airlines to consider from 2017.


How to stay away from the dirtiest areas of the plane

Tip and tricks to help you steer clear of the dirtiest areas of the plane and minimise the spread of germs while in the air.


Don’t be fooled when buying plane tickets in bulk …

Have you been scammed into paying more than necessary? Here’s how you can beat buying expensive plane tickets in bulk and save cash for your real holiday.

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How to choose the best plane seat

Whether you’re taking a long-haul flight overseas or just popping interstate for a trip, having a good plane seat is always a bonus. So which seat is best?

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How to avoid germs on a plane

Aeroplanes are great for travelling, but they’re even better for spreading germs. By following these tips you can avoid the worst of plane germs.


Reasons you could be booted from a flight

Airlines can be really fussy about the passengers they fly and where they are seated. Here are five reasons why you could be booted off a flight.


The plane pillow of your dreams

With feedback including “where has this been all my life?” this pillow is a must have for anyone who wants to sleep on a plane.

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Jet lag: strategies to overcome it

For most travellers jet lag is the necessary evil of taking a long-haul flight. So what strategies can you take to ease flyer’s fatigue?

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