Travel SOS: why are there still ashtrays in airplanes?

Brian wants to know why there are still ashtrays in airplane bathrooms. So, in Travel SOS, Leon answers his unusual yet perfectly valid question about this strange plane feature.


Travel SOS: Why are there holes in plane windows?

Joel has always wondered why there are tiny holes in airplane windows, but he’s been too embarrassed to ask. In Travel SOS, Leon explains the purpose served by these holes.


Australia spends big on defence

Australia has purchased 58 new Joint Strike Fighters at a cost of $12.4 billion.


Airlines with the worst legroom

A new survey, conducted by Business Traveller magazine, has put together a list of airlines with the worst legroom. Avoid being cramped on a long flight by making yourself aware of the world’s stingiest seats.

Flying to Austria

Travelling to Austria by air couldn’t be easier. Daily flights are available from most Australian capital cities.