Living in retirement

Retirement is becoming obsolete, says ageing advocate

Take control of your working life and let your experience work for you, says positive ageing advocate Marcus Riley.


Retirees shun financial advisers during virus lockdown

A new Allianz Retire+ survey reveals that many current and prospective Australian retirees do not receive professional financial advice and feel it is a costly service for the rich.

Grief and Loss

How to start a conversation about end-of-life care

Australians are renowned for avoiding conversations about our mortality, but Professor Melissa Bloomer says it’s time to face facts and tells how to start.


Travel Gadget: A travel tool to help you calculate costs and time

If you’re planning a complex holiday, being able to calculate how long you have, how much you can afford and the distances between points can save you heaps of time and money.


Retirement incomes in a post COVID-19 world

Jeremy Duffield – the go-to guy for retirement income information, joins John and Kaye today to discuss what retirement will look like in a post COVID-19 world.


Keys to a smooth transition to retirement

Some people thrive in retirement, some dread it and struggle to adjust, others opt to never really retire. But why?

Banking & Investment

Apps to help you track your spending

Get to know your spending habits with one of these free budgeting apps.

Money Q&A

The four questions you need to ask about retirement

If you’re an avid reader of YourLifeChoices content, you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to planning retirement. But if you had to boil it down to four questions, these are the ones you should be asking and answering yourself.


Many retirees fail to consult their partners in planning

A large number of retired Australians are independently navigating their way through their retirement finances, with the majority not involving professionals and many not even involving their life partners.


Survey reveals the answer to all your travel woes

A survey conducted by travel site KAYAK has revealed what pains Australians most when organising and taking a holiday.


Poll uncovers concern at how often wills are contested

YourLifeChoices’ Friday Flash Poll: Testing your knowledge about wills reveals widespread unrest about wills being contested.

Health Checks

Retirement health checklist: It’s about more than just money

Ask anyone paving a path towards retirement and some will say that money is a major concern. But retirement planning is about so much more than just money.

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