How could it all go so wrong

Australia – the lucky country. For those losing jobs, struggling on a pension, or not being able to afford to buy a home, it may not feel that way. When the Labor Government first came to power in 2007 under the then leadership of Kevin Rudd, everything was rosy. The economy had more than one speed and wasn’t kept afloat by mining, house prices were on the rise and pensioners were given their largest increase in Age Pension payments since the system began.

Federal Government

Breaking news – MPs $40,000 payrise

Today’s news revealed that Federal MPs are set for substantial pay rise in the foreseeable future. The timing is unfortunate, coming just two days after spending cuts, such as slashing the baby bonus and reducing public service spending, were announced. But the Remuneration Tribunal has been working on this pay rise issue for more than six months.


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