One-pot Italian Sausage Bake

A flavoursome Italian sausage bake, cooked with a deliciously smooth barbecue sauce and chat potatoes.


Bangers and Mash

If you are in need of some comfort food then this classic British recipe for Bangers and Mash is the perfect cure. It will have you feeling warm, full and satisfied in no time.


Potato Gratin

A tasty potato and cheese indulgence! Not for the faint hearted, this Potato Gratin is heavenly served as a side dish with any meal.


Budget Potato Soup with Onion Scones

Whether it’s time or money which you lack, you can still rustle up some delicious meals from simple ingredients. This Potato Soup is made in a slow cooker and served with Onion Scones. The best bit is it costs less than $3 per serve!

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes to makeover your insides

Give your diet a makeover with these healthier versions of family favourite dishes.


Tuscan Potato Gnocchi

Perfect for dinner al fresco, this Tuscan Potato Gnocchi is great for finishing off the week on a high note.