Crunchy Mashed Potato Croquettes

Croquettes are made from mashed potato and they are crunchy on the outside, and lovely and soft in the middle. They can be made into small patties, balls or little logs.


Pasta and Roast Potato Bake

Nothing says comfort food like a pasta bake. Featuring roasted potatoes, olives and capers, this is an easy meal for two or it can be shared between four as a side dish.


Canadian Comfort Food: Not Quite Authentic Poutine

Our Not Quite Traditional Poutine uses mozzarella instead of the traditional cheese curds. While this is not a dish to consume often, it is a great treat to enjoy from time to time.


Tasty Breakfast Potatoes

Who doesn’t love fried potatoes for breakfast? This recipe for Tasty Breakfast Potatoes makes delicious, crispy and golden potatoes.


Corned Beef Hash

There are many variations of Corned Beef Hash, but this version is the most traditional.


Bubble and Squeak

Taken from the book, Don’t give me eggs that bounce, this recipe for Bubble and Squeak will leave you feeling full and satisfied.



Don’t know what to cook for dinner tonight? This low-calorie, hearty egg frittata makes a satisfying dinner when served with a simple salad and is both easy and healthy.

Healthy Recipes

Healthy recipes to makeover your insides

Give your diet a makeover with these healthier versions of family favourite dishes.