Finance News

Lower energy bills expected

The repeal of the carbon price should see energy costs fall, but when should your provider be applying the rate cut and how much should it be?


Radical plan to cut power bills

Would you be happy to pay 700 per cent more for your power on hot days?

Seniors concessions cut

Pensioner and senior cardholders in Queensland are set to lose vital concessions.

PM push to cut power bills

Julia Gillard will meet with state premiers on Friday 7 December at the Council of Australian Governments in Canberra and top of the agenda will be getting sign off for reforms which could cut household power bills by $250 per year.

Seniors Finance

Assistance with electricity bills

Most Australians are feeling the pinch of increased power bills but if you have to run essential medical equipment, these increases can be worrying. YOURLifeChoices subscriber Pat is concerned that she will no longer be able to afford to run her medical equipment and would like to know if there is any help available?