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How to limit issues after death

Brian has several questions relating to Powers of Attorney and pre-paid funerals. He has asked estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for guidance.

Estate planning & wills

Complete guide to estate planning

Fred asks estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich for advice on the full range of documents required when ‘tidying’ one’s affairs.

Legal & General

Power of attorney protocols

Ellie wants to know the protocols around appointing powers of attorney. Estate planning lawyer Rod Cunich offers his advice.


A personal carer story

Nan is just one of the many Australians who have provided care for family members.


Planning ahead

The risk of losing capacity through brain injury, dementia and frailty increase as you age.


Get on with enjoying life

If putting plans in place for later life is something you intend to get around to some day, you are not alone, but do it now and simply enjoy life.


Plan before you fly

When you go on holidays of course you do all sorts of things you wouldn't normally do.

Legal & General

Choose your attorney carefully

Appointing someone as your attorney gives them responsibility for many aspects of your life

Legal & General

Enduring Guardianship – what is it?

An enduring guardian is someone you appoint to make health or lifestyle decisions on your behalf. You are able to choose which kind of decisions you wish your enduring guardian to make and are able to provide them with directions on how to carry out their functions.

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Do I have a say in my medical treatment?

In Australia you do not have a right to end your own life, but every mentally competent adult has a legal right to accept or refuse medical treatment, even if the refusal of treatment may lead to their death. You can also demand treatment if this is what you want. Once you lose mental capacity others make decisions for you. But who and on what basis?

Legal & General

Getting things in order – Power of Attorney

Perhaps you offered to deal with a seemingly simple bureaucratic matter on behalf of a friend or family member, only to discover you have no authority and cannot do a thing. Everyone, regardless of age, needs a Power of Attorney.