Health news

Retirees urged to reveal horror medical gap costs

Australians are risking their health by avoiding medical care because of rising gap costs, says the Consumers Health Forum, which wants people to share their horror stories about out-of-pocket pain.

Finance News

Olga’s analysis: health insurance watchdog lacks bite

The body that mediates disputes over health insurance is a toothless tiger, the competition cop’s recently tabled report has revealed.

Health Insurance

Private health insurance: how to save before 1 April

With private health insurance premiums set to rise on 1 April 2017, now is the time to assess whether or not you can find a better deal and save yourself money. n n

Age Pension

Private health insurance after Age Pension age

Now that the Federal Government has signed off on private health insurance premium increases that will start from 1 April, Tom, who's on the Age Pension, would like to know if it's worthwhile retaining his cover.


Healthcare is costing us $28.6 billion per year

You probably don’t think you shell out your hard-earned dollars for something you don’t use. Think again. As consumers, Australians contribute almost one in every five dollars spent on healthcare.


Private health insurance: avoid paying extra tax

At 67.5 per cent, levels of private health insurance cover may be highest amongst those aged 55–65 years of age, but that means there are still many older Australians not covered.


Half a million angry Aussies plan to ditch private health cover

With private health insurance premiums set to rise at more than three times the rate of inflation, over half a million angry Australians are planning to dump their cover.


Health premiums set to soar

Research from UBS suggests health insurance premiums are set to rise by up to 10 per cent per year, for the next five years.

Health Insurance

Health insurance premiums to rise

Following a seemingly-excessive 6.8 per cent rise in health insurance premiums last year, we are again facing a considerable hike in April – seven per cent to be exact.

Finance News

Managing health insurance costs

Will you have to rethink your household budget simply to afford the forthcoming hike in health insurance premiums? If so, you’re not alone, but these six tips can help.


Safe exercise for older adults

In addition to helping ward off serious illnesses, frequent exercise can keep you mobile, boost energy and improve your mood. So, how often should you exercise and what’s considered safe?


Healthcare in turmoil

News stories over the last two weeks indicate that our current health system is unsustainable.

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