How the water and sewage under your feet could flood your home

Some flood dangers can be less visible - to planners, developers and homebuyers. Sometimes, the danger comes from groundwater beneath the surface.


Older Australians resist downsizing, preferring home to a move

Older Australians are opting to renovate or build in familiar surrounds rather than downsize.


Five mistakes to avoid when investing in property

If you are thinking about investing in real estate, one of the biggest advantages you can have is educating yourself around common mistakes to avoid.


Authorities warn of dangers as parents become major lenders

The Bank of Mum and Dad has become the ninth biggest lender in Australia, leading to calls for care when gifting between generations.


Head for the hills: Australia's most affordable regions

New report reveals the top 10 most affordable regions across the country.


Older Australians want to build or renovate, not go into aged care

Australians aged 55 or older are a quarter of the population but own more than half of the nation's private wealth, so they drive the property boom more than first home buyers.

Age Pension

How to sell excess land and keep the Age Pension

Kathy wants to know whether selling excess land can stop someone from receiving the pension.

Income and asset tests

Experts propose including home in the pension assets test

Despite its unpopularity, including the family home in the assets test for the Age Pension is the idea that just won’t go away. The Certified…

Living in retirement

The emotional aspects of moving house in retirement

Retirement coach Jon Glass recently moved house and shares his insights.

Finance News

RBA reveals why retirees have to bear the brunt of low interest rates

Internal Reserve Bank document shows house prices could climb 30 per cent in three years.


Is moving to the country right for you?

The idea of moving to the country has gained momentum through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Banking & Investment

Things to know before buying an investment property

Buying an investment property can be risky, but rewarding, so long as you do not rush the process and consider some important steps before committing.

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