Legal & General

Complex issue needs urgent professional advice

Zivana has a complex question for estate planning expert Rod Cunich, one that is further complicated by the length of time that has passed since her father made his Will.


How to renovate to maximise your sale price

Renovations are about adding real value to your property when it is time to sell. Here are some ways to maximise your sale price.


Stop SMSFs gambling with their super, says expert

With a big number of SMSFs borrowing to invest in property, experts warn that urgent reform is required.

Mortgage & home Loans

Poor lending practice putting older Australians at risk

Now that the property market bubble is easing, there are concerns poor banking practice and irresponsible lending during the real estate boom will spell ruination for many retirees.


Renovation or retirement home? The great ‘age in place’ conundrum

You may not see signs of fingernail scratches on the door jambs yet, but it is a fact that most older Australians would have to be led kicking and screaming out of their homes and into aged care.


Don’t get caught out when buying off the plan

There are good reasons to buy off the plan, but you need to do your homework and get specialist advice.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Centrelink Q&A: how is your property assessed?

Martin is employed part time and his wife works full time. They both own property and have some questions about how they will be assessed when it’s time for Martin to apply for an Age Pension.

Living in retirement

Survey reveals surprising retirement trend

A survey of the retirement living sector reveals that more older Australians are choosing to move into retirement villages, freeing up capital to fund their lifestyles as they age.


Property gains spark inequality claims

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests that households headed by 65-74 years olds were $480,000 wealthier in 2015-16 than people from the same age bracket 12 years ago.

Living in retirement

Four things to consider before listing your home for sale

The Federal Government is considering incentives for downsizing. If you have decided this is the right move for you, what do you need to do before you list your property for sale?


Should you consider downsizing your home?

There can be a number of reasons for downsizing your home, with one of the most common being simply to live somewhere more manageable and user friendly. What are your thoughts?

Banking & Investment

GormanKelly can negotiate the best outcome for you

No matter their clients’ needs, GormanKelly’s approach is always the same – to excel in every detail of the process, to negotiate the best outcome and be a joy to deal with.

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