Should Australians be able to access super to buy a house?

Assistant Treasurer Michael Sukkar has refused to rule out allowing people early access to their superannuation to help fund the purchase of their first home. Is this a good idea?

Mortgage & home Loans

What are the financial pros and cons of downsizing?

To downsize or not, that is the question. Perhaps these financial pros and cons will help you to reach a decision?

Living in retirement

Have you every considered living overseas?

If you’ve ever thought of leaving Australia behind and retiring overseas then perhaps the Philippines – with house and land from $76,000 – is worth considering.

Mortgage & home Loans

What do you need to know before going guarantor

Are you willing to give your child some help buying a property? Does that mean signing as a guarantor? Here’s what you should know before signing your name on the dotted line.


Download our January 2016 Downsizing Guide

You only need to look around your own suburb to see the ‘for sale’ signs and removal vans to realise how many locals are making this move.


Older Australians are financially comfortable: ME report

The release of ME’s Household Financial Comfort Report illustrates the widening gap between financially comfortable older Australians and struggling younger families.


Family home into a family trust?

Our no-nonsense planner Maurice Patane answers David’s question of how one goes about moving the family home into a family trust in retirement.


When should I sell?

Our no-nonsense planner Maurice Patane answers Alice’s question of whether she should sell her investment property now or after she retires.

Legal & General

Spring clean your finances

As with all things Spring, we look forward to new life and brighter days, so why not reap the rewards of breathing some life into your finances as well?


Punished by postcode?

The National Australia Bank has listed more than 80 restricted postcodes across the country where its lending will be capped to a lower percentage of a property's purchase price.


Call to expand Pension Loan Scheme

Senate crossbenchers are urging the government to give full pensioners the ability to subsidise their retirement incomes by borrowing against the equity in their homes.


Can you get stamp duty concessions?

There were some questions raised following our article on the new stamp duty concession rates granted to pensioners in Victoria who buy a new home.

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