Home Finance

Beat interest rate rises and save $4,000 per year

With interest rates tipped to rise, refinancing now to a long-term fixed rate home loan will help you beat the blow out.


Do natural spider repellents really work?

Seven natural ways to get spiders out of your house and expert advice on whether they actually work.


APRA changes expected to change over-50s retirement plans

Tougher home loan serviceability tests will make it harder for new borrowers to get a mortgage, but over-50s could also bear the brunt of APRA changes.

Home Lifestyle

How to banish odours from your home

Practical measures and clever tips for banishing odours from your home.


Liberals admit CGT concessions might need to be cut

NSW is doing what Labor’s Bill Shorten could not – explaining why Australia’s capital gains tax concession is knocking home buyers out of homes.

Home Finance

How to fall back in love with your home

How to fall back in love with your home, so it feels like a sanctuary again.


Vacuum cleaner mistakes and how to avoid them

Avoiding these common vacuuming mistakes can help ensure your vacuum serves you well for years to come.


Seven interior design trends taking off

Seven popular interior design trends that are taking off. Here's what you'll be seeing more of next year.


How to make chores quicker and easier

Luke Rix-Standing takes the view that life is too short for housework. Here are his tips to make chores quicker and easier.


Simple ways to cut your carbon emissions

The UN report on climate change makes for worrying reading, but here are six simple ways to cut your carbon emissions.


How to make the most out of your kitchen

Design tips to make the most of a kitchen that also needs to be used for eating, lounging and living.


Living at higher altitudes could lower your stroke risk

Is Australia's flat terrain to blame for the fact that strokes are the country's third biggest killer?

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