How to make your home snug this winter

Tips and tricks to keep you warm and reduce your energy bill this winter.


Planning some home improvements? Expert tips for spending wisely

Ready to start that big home improvement project you've been thinking about? You're going to want to read this first.


Expert predictions for high-tech homes of the future

From home-help drones to mood-changing exteriors, here are nine predictions from experts about future homes.


Simple winter cleaning tips to make your home sparkle

From the front door to the home office, seven tips to refresh your home for winter.


How to clean an oven using pantry staples

With the right knowledge and basic tools, oven cleaning needn't be an overwhelming chore.


What you need to consider when buying a recently renovated property

A buyer's agent is seeing an alarming trend of buyers choosing to skip building reports in the current market, which could lead to costly repairs down the track.

Income and asset tests

The financial dangers of going to live with your children

Marie and her husband are considering going to live with their son, but she wants to know what will happen to her pension.

Living in retirement

Why you should stay in your home - or hometown - in retirement

And while there's a reason for the cliché, you may be better off eschewing this idyllic vision for something a little closer to home. There's a lot to be said for staying put.


The heating systems that can make your home greener and save you money

Many homes aren't energy efficient, but eco-friendly changes can save money on bills and help save the planet.


Soaring housing costs pushing retirees into disaster areas

The impacts of a closed border and recent floods have highlighted the challenges facing older Australians who live permanently in caravan parks.

Federal Budget

The four key Budget policies aimed squarely at retirees

The Federal Budget outlined plans to improve the Pension Loans Scheme and extend access to downsizer contributions among other important changes.


Cleaning tips our grannies taught us

From time to time, a little bit of elbow grease and know-how is all it takes. Here are the home cleaning tips passed down from our grandparents.

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