Seven signs you’re low on protein

If you’ve been feeling hungry, weak, ill or noticed changes in your nails and hair you may have a protein deficiency.


You service your car, so why not yourself?

We need to listen to our doctor as we age to make sure we’re making the right dietary adjustments.

Health news

How to get protein without meat

How can you get enough protein if you don’t eat meat is a common question asked of vegetarians? Protein is an essential nutrient, but there is plenty to be had in a meal without meat.

Health & Ageing

Double your protein, build muscle

Protein helps to build and repair muscle, and a study has found we may need to double our intake as we age. Find out why and how.


Lime and Ginger Fish Parcels

Steamed in their own juices, Lucy’s Lime and Ginger Fish Parcels are quick and easy to make and a low-fat way to enjoy your protein!