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Centrelink concession card blunder

Not only are single parents due to have their Newstart Allowance cut, they have also been erroneously told that they must cut up the concession cards which grant them discounts to utilities, public transport and medical services.

People-powered public transport

With $1 million backing from Google an announcement will soon be made as to the location of the first transit Shweeb for public use.

The future of public transport

The idea is to introduce these monorail systems above existing roadways

Travelling On A Budget

Interstate transport concessions

YOURLifeChoices subscriber Rob is taking six months to drive around Australia but to give him a break, he enjoys travelling by public transport now and again. Thanks to interstate travel concessions, this is now more affordable, but how can he find out how much he can save?

In too deep

We have all been in a similar situation. A lot of time and effort has been put into a project, a relationship or even a university degree and then finally one day you decide the project has some major flaws, the relationship isn’t right for you or the university degree isn’t the way you want to go in life.


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