Travel SOS: driving in the US

Driving the Pacific Coast Highway in the US has long been a dream of Tom’s, so in this week’s Travel SOS, Lee Mylne has some tips to keep him on the road.


Will he or won’t he?

The ABC has announced Malcolm Turnbull as a panellist on Q&A next week, despite no guarantee and a government ban on its ministers appearing on the show.


Senate told Q&A leans left

Liberal senator James McGrath has told a Senate estimates hearing of the Coalition’s concerns that ABC’s Q&A program is biased against the conservative side of politics.

Income and asset tests

Rent a room

YOURLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Linda’s question about the effect renting out a room in her house will have on her pension.


Reversing retirement

YourLifeChoices no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Bruce’s question about returning to work post-retirement.


Undeserved council complaints

Someone in Harry’s street has been making undeserved complaints about his dog to the council. But does the council take malicious complainers into account?

Election 2013, Western Sydney

It’s Monday night and the predictable lineup of politicians, artistes and thought leaders are on ABC TV’s Q&A. Host, Tony Jones, is looking especially delighted in anticipation of a robust debate in the wake of the announcement of a September federal election by Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Rudd v Turnbull

On ABC TV’s panel program Q&A on Monday night, former Labor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd and former Opposition Leader Malcolm Turnbull strutted their stuff. During the one-hour television show they both answered wide-ranging questions on the economy, the revision of GST, climate change, productivity, industrial relations and education. They didn’t just answer these questions – they answered them well, displaying a formidable depth of knowledge and ability to present complex information in brief, comprehensible responses. The audience clearly enjoyed this power duo’s song and dance routine, which called forth a final question from Mr. Saeed Fassaie, quoted here in full:


iPhone home button not working

YOURLifeChoices member Ian has been enjoying his iPhone 4 which he purchased several months ago. Over the past two weeks his home button has been getting stuck. Drew explains how to work around the issue if Ian cannot get his phone replaced.

Carbon Tax

Carbon tax compensation

A few months may have passed since the announcement of the proposed Carbon Tax but the detail of how the compensation will work is still the subject of some confusion. Denis would like to know how compensation will be paid.