Qantas announces new partner

Qantas and American Airlines could soon become the world’s heaviest hitter in the skies, with an alliance that could lead to lower fares, more convenience and faster travel times.


World’s first zero-waste flight

In an industry trying to become more sustainable, Qantas yet again sets the pace with the world’s first zero-waste flight.

Travel Q&A

Boarding a flight without a phone

Eric doesn’t own a mobile phone and is concerned about Qantas’s new boarding rules.


Free tickets you don’t want

WA ScamNet has reported receiving a large number of shares for a web page claiming that Qantas is giving away two free first-class tickets for their 96th anniversary.

Health news

How to limit the likelihood of DVT

Older Australians are travelling more, and that means a greater risk of DVT. Physiotherapist Jason Lee explains what you can do to minimise the danger.


Qantas announces major changes

Qantas, Jetstar and QantasLink will all ditch paper boarding passes and switch to a purely digital system in a move due to be introduced across both airlines this year.


Qantas dumps confusing rule

To print or not to print? That is the question – one that Qantas has finally answered.


Shake-up in top 10 trusted brands

Survey finds your trust in Aldi, Bunnings and Qantas has not wavered, but there has been a shake-up in the rest of the top 10 most trusted brands.


Have health insurance, will travel

Many retirees who opt for private health insurance have to forgo overseas holidays because they could not afford both ... until now.

Travel News

Non-stop London flights on sale

If airport transits are your least favourite thing about flying, Qantas' direct Perth to London route, which is now on sale, could make long-haul travel more appealing.


Email scam hits Qantas customers

Qantas customers are being urged to stay alert for an email phishing scam promising rewards of cash and frequent flyer points in exchange for participating in a survey.


Qantas trials free, fast wifi

Qantas’s ambition to lead the way in efficient in-flight wifi has become a reality. From February, the airline will commence trialling fast, free wifi on its domestic flights.

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