Barbecued Bonito Fillet with Tomato, Fennel & Capers

Eating fish on Good Friday is a biblical tradition that is still followed in many homes across Australia. Rather than serve up the usual salmon or trout this Friday, why not try something different.


Beer, damper and pan fried kangaroo!

This is the YOURLifeChoices version of a recipe we first discovered from the Kangeroo Industry Association of Australia website. It’s a delicious combination of all the Aussie staples – our national emblem, the kangaroo, beer and damper cooked in the camp fire.

Party Food

Tomato relish

Betty shares her family recipe for tomato relish, she's been making it for more than 50 years, and it goes with just about everything!


Coconut Chicken Stew

For those short of time, Corey’s Coconut Chicken Stew will allow you to prepare the ingredients and let the microwave do the cooking.


Exotic Pork Patties

With a few clever twists, Pamela’s Exotic Pork Patties are cheap and cheerful and add zest to a meal-time classic.


Chicken and Bacon Meatballs

Meatballs served with pasta are the ultimate comfort food. Carol’s Chicken and Bacon Meatballs are a twist on the classic Italian dish.


Brussel sprout and pasta soup

SJ has been cooking up a storm with a sensational soup that will warm you up in the cooler months to come, while not tugging on your hip pocket!

Cakes & Baking

Rice Pudding

Quick, easy and tasty, this Rice Pudding is the perfect Dessert.


Singapore Noodles

This perfect dinner treat is great for using vegetables loitering in the vegetable rack and leftover meat from the weekend’s Sunday lunch.

Healthy Recipes

Simple Panzanella Salad

Using simple fresh ingredients, Peter’s Panzanella Salad is tasty, wholesome and quick, making it the perfect food on the go.


Nonna’s Gnocchi

Jade Creswell’s Nonna has been making this pasta for a long time. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser, and delicious served with bolognaise or sage and burnt butter sauce.


Goat's Cheese and Black Olive Pasta

Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and add pasta. Cook until al dente, around 10 minutes. While pasta is cooking, mix together garlic, anchovies and two...

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