Proposed lifetime ban on refugees

Malcolm Turnbull and Peter Dutton have revealed plans to stop refugees, who came by boat and are being held in offshore detention centres, from ever coming to Australia.


Meet the Refugee Olympic Athletes

Many athletes face challenges in order to reach the Olympic Games, but none more so than the first-ever Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA).


UK criminal mum faces deportation

A British-born 30-year-old mother-of-five faces deportation for her criminal past, even though she has lived in Australia for 28 years. She is begging for a second chance, but should she get one?


Detained children a necessary evil

The Royal Children’s Hospital says sending children back to detention centres is immoral, but the Prime Minister insists the “tough” refugee policy saves lives.


Refugee intake to be expanded

As Europe struggles to manage the flood of refugees from Syria and Iraq, Tony Abbott has promised Australia will increase its humanitarian intake.


$1 billion detention centre bill

A Senate estimates hearing found that detention centres have cost Australian taxpayers in excess of $1 billion.


Asylum seekers riot and escape

A second riot has occurred at the Manus Island detention centre.


Asylum seekers are now ‘illegal’

Australian immigration staff have received instructions to refer to asylum seekers as ‘illegal’

Is the refugee review too soft?

Government claims most of those arriving by boat are ‘economic migrants’

Who’s really rotten?

An email from the Liberal Party claims “40,000 illegal arrivals under Labor”

Buying Australian residency

The Federal Government’s Significant Investment Visa came into effect last Saturday and the responses have been mixed. The Significant Investment Visa offers foreign nationals the opportunity to apply for Australian residency if they can invest at least $5 million in the Australian economy over four years. The money can only be invested in government debt, directly into Australian proprietary companies or specific approved funds.

Look beyond the words

Millions of people around the world each year have no choice but to flee their country and seek asylum