Weight Loss

How to support someone trying to lose weight

Success is much more likely when you have a support system. Here's how to help someone trying to lose weight.


A psychologist explains why we love to gossip

Psychologist Dr Audrey Tang explains the benefits of gossiping and when we should be wary.


When does sibling rivalry become toxic?

As the hit show Succession fills our evenings, we look at sibling relationships, and the signs that rivalry has become destructive.

Travel News

Travel SOS: Travelling with someone new

Travelling with a new partner is a great experience, but it can be tricky to navigate. Here are our tips to a successful trip.

Carer Payments

Grandparents and informal carers falling through support gaps

Advocates say informal kinship carers need more support and resources.


Millions of Aussies dumped for being poor

A study conducted by Finder has found that around 2.5 million Australians have been dumped for having no savings, unpaid debt and poor financial knowledge.


Scientific reasons why hugging is good for your health

Scientific reasons why we should be all looking forward to hugging our loved ones again.


Ask a counsellor: 'Why won't my partner finalise his divorce?'

Columnist and trained counsellor Fiona Caine tells a frustrated girlfriend that perhaps it’s time to take a stand.


Your ex may be able to claim half your superannuation

It’s worth knowing that if you split, your ex could be able to file a legal claim for up to half your superannuation, under certain circumstances.

Health news

Older women contracting STIs at a faster rate than young women

Research shows that rates of sexually transmitted infections are growing at their fastest rate among older women.

Mental Health

Ask a counsellor: 'My mother is terrified of being left alone'

Counsellor Fiona Caine offers guidance on supporting an elderly relative after a fall.


How to get better at saying no

How to practise setting boundaries if you're a people pleaser who finds it hard to say no.

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