Five of the world’s most impressive religious sites

Throughout human history, religion has been the inspiration for breathtaking works of literature, philosophy, sculpture, painting and architecture. Here are some of the most impressive religious sites that we've found.


Easter, Jesus and family egg hunts

Why this atheist would attend a service this Easter – if there was a service to attend.


Why Easter is called Easter, and other little-known facts

Explaining why Easter is celebrated when it is and the history behind the tradition.


George Pell walks free, holds ‘no ill-will toward my accuser’

The High Court of Australia unanimously overturns a Victorian High Court of Appeal decision that found Cardinal Pell guilty of abusing two choirboys in the 1960s.


Music restoreth the soul

Elizabeth Quinn shares an annual summer highlight that is the closest she comes to a religious experience.

Veterans’ Affairs

Reconciliation and understanding at Amiens Cathedral

Elizabeth Quinn makes an Anzac Day-inspired journey to Amiens Cathedral – to honour, to grieve, to understand.


Poll: Mr Pell’s conviction may be a symptom of a flawed system

Was George Pell’s conviction and subsequent sentence fair? Or is it a symptom of a flawed system? YourLifeChoices members have their say.


Friday Flash Poll: George Pell – has justice been served?

George Pell’s sentence was handed down earlier this week, and while some say justice has been served, others claim the sentence was lenient. What do you think?


What’s the meaning behind different religious ‘uniforms’?

Although you may have noticed the odd headwrap, cassock or skullcap, you may not be aware of what the ‘fashion of the faithful’ actually means or the reasons they wear these clothes and costumes.


Vietnam is bringing religion to the people

As a nation, the Vietnamese may be considered Buddhist, but the truth is, they are not. Most Vietnamese are free thinkers. Religion doesn’t matter as much as respect.


The top three jokes about the Pope

Religion can be quite a serious topic for some, but, for others, it seems to be a popular subject for satire – take these rollicking religious rib-ticklers, for instance.


He’s a Pastafarian – honest!

Most of us like to look our best in photos for driving licences and passports but 34-year-old Marcus Bowring thought it was the perfect way to legitimise his ‘beliefs’.

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