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Is this the biggest contributor to poverty in retirement?

Two-thirds of low-income households that rent are in rental distress, according to a new report from the Productivity Commission.


Mortgage debt ruining retirement plans

Record numbers of older Australians are battling to pay off their mortgages before retirement.

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The older Australians who are doing it tough

One group of older Australians should be much more worried than the rest when it comes to funding their retirement, according to research.

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Rents will continue to test ‘Cash-Strapped’ tribes

There is little relief in sight for age pensioners who rent, says Joel Pringle, advocacy campaigner at The Benevolent Society.

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Will plan to rent out second bedroom create tax issues?

Des and her husband are considering renting out their second bedroom on Airbnb to supplement their Age Pension and want to know the possible ramifications.


‘Great moral crisis’ in Australia is hurting pensioners

Australia is in the midst of “a great moral crisis”, according to Brotherhood of St Laurence Executive Director Conny Lenneberg.


Rent rises pile the pressure on age pensioners

Figures show that rental costs across Australia rose by 3.3 per cent in the past year as rent assistance for Age Pensioners failed to keep pace.

Common sense, humanity tops Kaye’s wish list

We know there are many things that both challenge and delight you – because you tell us. Here is my retirement Christmas wish list to make this life stage a happy and productive time for all.

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Elderly renters more likely to end up homeless

Mission Australia has called for a revamp of retirement payments, especially to older people who do not own their own home.


The housing crisis destroying the lives of single older women

The single older woman who doesn’t own her own home has become one of the most at-risk groups in Australia due to the rising cost of rent and the lack of jobs for older Australians.


HILDA: low home ownership and doubling debt threatens pension system

The latest HILDA survey shows that home ownership among the young is rapidly declining while mortgage debts are doubling. When combined, this could be disastrous for the Age Pension.


Bondi student has called on the public to pay her overdue rent

A former Bondi ‘party girl’ turned medical student has fallen behind in her rent and, faced with eviction, is now calling on the public to help her pay it. You’d be amazed at the reaction.

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