Simple tips for big savings

If you’re retiree on a budget, finding extra cash can be a real challenge. But there are ways you can still save enough to treat yourself every now and then. Here are nine of them.

Age Pension payment rates

Is renting a room worth the hassle?

Janne is contemplating renting out a room in her home to help cover maintenance costs – how will this affect her part Age Pension?


Top seven mistakes renters make

Agents and renters won’t always see eye to eye but there are certain obligations that both parties are responsible for. Here are the top seven mistakes that can get renters into trouble.


Housing system broken and unfair

The Productivity Commission has declared that Australia’s social housing is broken and in desperate need of repair and suggests that increased Rent Assistance could solve the problem.


More pain for renters

A new series of apps that pit renter against renter will only further tip the balance of power in favour of landlords, making it even more difficult to get an affordable house.


Home ownership dream dead

If you’re over 45 and haven’t yet managed to get your foot on the property ladder, or have fallen off it due to a life event, then you’re probably destined for a life of renting.

Pension eligibility

Will we get a full Age Pension?

After reading a recent article on YourLifeChoices, Tony would like to know how his Age Pension might be affected by providing homestay to students.

Living in retirement

Retirement village rentals

Life in a retirement village is an attractive proposition for many Australians but the cost of buying can be restrictive. Renting is an option to consider but how do you find a suitable village?

The housing affordability crisis

The Bureau of Statistics has disclosed that homelessness has risen by eight per cent over the past five years, despite the Federal Government goal to halve this figure by 2020. Over the last year one in every 98 Australians has requested help from welfare agencies because they are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, and welfare groups are struggling to keep up with the demand.