Health news

Study shows link between exercise and heightened immunity

Research confirms exercise can stimulate bone growth and boost the production of immune cells.

Health news

Monash research finds heart drug can reduce breast cancer progression

Norwegian epidemiologists and Monash University researchers have discovered a drug used to manage heart conditions can "greatly reduce" breast cancer progression.


MND breakthrough offers hope damaged nerve cells can be repaired

There is hope of a breakthrough in treating motor neurone disease after Edinburgh researchers found a way to repair nerve cells damaged by the disease.

Mental Health

Drug trial offers rare hope on Alzheimer's disease

Drug maker says experimental drug donanemab slowed cognitive decline in patients by 32 per cent over a two-year period.


Why would people believe 5G causes COVID-19?

Scientists put paid to the strange rumour that 5G can cause COVID-19, a rumour that's spreading across the globe as rapidly as COVID itself.

Health news

Scientists closer to developing 'smart' stem cells made from human fat

UNSW researchers have created adaptive stem cells made from human fat cells that have been reprogrammed to treat a range of medical conditions.

Health news

Expert says fans better than air conditioning during heatwaves

Heat expert says fans are more effective than air conditioning in regulating core body temperature during extreme heat.

Brain health

Program improves cognition of people at risk of dementia

An Australian randomised trial of a 'cocktail' of non-drug interventions has improved the cognition of middle-aged people considered at risk of dementia.

Health news

Hope on heart disease after drug breakthrough

A potential drug candidate for common, deadly heart disease is ready to move to a clinical trial after successful research by the Gladstone Institutes.

Health news

Massive blood test trial offers hope of earlier cancer diagnoses

A liquid biopsy blood test, undergoing a massive trial in the UK, could detect 50 cancers and revolutionise diagnosis, say researchers.

Brain health

Simple language test can predict who will get Alzheimer’s

A simple language test can predict who will develop Alzheimer’s, according to new research from IBM.

Health news

Treatment depends on where you live and what you earn

A study that tracked every one of the 1.2 million Australians with type 2 diabetes finds treatment is not equal and those living in remote and lower socioeconomic areas are more likely to be given older, less effective drugs.

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