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How to manage the retirement years

You’ve accumulated as much super as you can and retirement is the next stop. But you need to know how to organise your assets to fund the next, perhaps, 30 years. How does it work?


Health issues cost retirees $142k

Australians forced to retire early due to health problems that could be treated with early intervention each lose up to $142,100 in superannuation, according to a new report.

Superannuation News

Do I really need $1m to retire?

It’s a thought that plays on all of our minds as we plan for life after work – do I really need $1 million to retire comfortably? In short, no you don’t.


Top 10 countries to grow old in

Are you living in one of the top 10 countries in which to grow old? Sadly not, according to Age International's 2015 Global AgeWatch Index.

Income and asset tests

Is Newstart classed as income?

Alexandra’s husband has submitted a claim for the Age Pension and she would like to know if her subsequent claim for the Newstart Allowance will affect his eligibility.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Useful Centrelink publications

Understanding your Centrelink entitlements may be made easier by first reading the host of publications provided by Centrelink, all available for download.