Finance News

Rate cut for retirees

Treasurer’s rates review welcome news for older Australians seeking to boost their income.

How much is enough?

Boosting confidence in retirement

Do you know how much you can ‘safely’ spend in retirement? Accurium (part of the Challenger group) can calculate with a degree of confidence the spending your savings can safely support.


Spending in retirement confusing

Retiree spending patterns are a pivotal part of planning, yet there is confusion as to what actually happens in retirement.

Retirement Affordability Index

Retirees should know this

Myths, risks and straight-out untruths: Emmett Wilkinson delivers the good and not-so-good news about life after work.


Retire before 65 and reap benefits

Retirement may not automatically lead to better health, but it presents a great opportunity to achieve just that, a study has found.


False view of retirement ‘heaven’

So-called economic ‘experts’ should speak to real retirees, as YourLifeChoices does. Financial stress in retirement is very real, writes Kaye Fallick.

Centrelink – Services Australia

Will illness compo affect pension?

Margaret receives income from her superannuation fund after a battle with cancer that left her unable to work. She wants to know how that will affect her eligibility for an Age Pension.

Health news

Retirees’ out-of-pocket pain

Australians are risking their health by avoiding medical care because of rising gap costs, says the Consumers Health Forum, which wants people to share their horror stories about out-of-pocket pain.

Federal Election 2016

Super changes don’t stack up

Former treasurer Peter Costello has said that the Government’s plan to limit tax-free superannuation savings to $1.6 million will force more Australians onto the Age Pension.