Retirement Affordability Index

A long life is a wonderful thing – if you’ve planned for it

When the ‘safety net’ of employment has disappeared, the importance of a sound financial plan is pivotal, says Jeremy Cooper, Challenger’s chairman of retirement income.

Retirement Affordability Index

The card that entitles you to $500

YourLifeChoices keeps you up to date with changes that could affect your retirement.

Retirement Affordability Index

How to give retirees the confidence to spend

Super balances are steadily growing, but an efficient retirement spending system is still a work in progress, writes the Actuaries Institute’s Andrew Boal. He pinpoints the problems and offers some solutions.


Nothing like a pandemic to put pressure on estate planning

Wills and estates specialist Adeline Schiralli tells why we can’t delay when it comes to getting our affairs in order – and keeping them that way.

Banking & Investment

How to protect your portfolio when the market turns nasty

Could we have foreseen the devastating effects of COVID-19? Could we have prepared better? Financial analyst Russell Markham tells how he weathers such storms.


What COVID-19 taught us about investing for retirement income

Financial services executive Jeremy Duffield pits the ‘Bears’ against the ‘Goldilocks’ to see whose savings perform the best.

Banking & Investment

Be prepared – things will get worse before they get better

Get ready for more challenging times, says personal finance specialist Noel Whittaker, who offers these insights into how older Australians should prepare.


Is deflation good news for your living costs?

A pandemic, a recession and deflation … what does it all mean for retirees? Matt Grudnoff, senior economist with The Australia Institute, explains.


Affluents cruise, Cash-Strapped bear brunt of increases

Fires and drought have biggest impact on March quarter costs.


COVID-19 ushers in new period of retirement income uncertainty

A survey of YourLifeChoices members reveals a major rethink about retirement savings as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Challenger presents the key findings.

Mental Health

Why a retirement plan is pivotal to protect your mental health

So much of retirement is focused on the finances – as it should be. But, as Bruce Manners points out, if you fail to plan, your mental health can suffer.


Biggest trap for retirees? Our entire retirement income system

The day is drawing ever nearer when Australia must confront the fundamental problem with its retirement income system, writes senior economist at The Australia Institute Matt Grudnoff.

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