Tobacco and childcare drive cost of living increase

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) rose 0.9 per cent in the December quarter. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), the rise was primarily…

Age Pension

Retirement system ‘uncertain for almost all retirees’

Australia, a nation of almost four million retirees, has one of the world’s best retirement systems. The 2020 Mercer CFA Institute Global Pension Index ranked…


The big question: How much do I need to retire?

Life expectancies continue to rise, and with that comes a host of challenges. For governments, there’s the increasing cost to budgets and, for retirees, there’s…

Age Pension

Adequacy of retiree nest eggs

YourLifeChoices conducts several surveys each year to gauge the financial, physical and mental health of our 260,000 members. The aim is to shape our content…

Age Pension

Pension rates, PBS entitlements, health fund changes

YourLifeChoices keeps you up to date with retirement income changes. PBS co-paymentsThe maximum co-payment for general patients for drugs listed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme…

Retirement Affordability Index

The card that entitles you to $500

YourLifeChoices keeps you up to date with changes that could affect your retirement.

Retirement Affordability Index

How to give retirees the confidence to spend

Super balances are steadily growing, but an efficient retirement spending system is still a work in progress, writes the Actuaries Institute’s Andrew Boal. He pinpoints the problems and offers some solutions.

Retirement Affordability Index

A long life is a wonderful thing – if you’ve planned for it

When the ‘safety net’ of employment has disappeared, the importance of a sound financial plan is pivotal, says Jeremy Cooper, Challenger’s chairman of retirement income.

Retirement Affordability Index

Flicking the switch from saving to spending is tough for many

You’ve spent decades accumulating your nest egg, then you need to get used to spending it. Financial services executive Jeremy Duffield tells how to change your mindset.

Living in retirement

Cost-of-living statistics are valuable; the ‘noise’ is not

Quarterly statistics would seem to be bread and butter for Australia Institute senior economist Matt Grudnoff, but he has a cautionary tale.

Retirement Affordability Index

You’ve quit full-time work, now what to do with that nest egg?

A wider range of products and services must be developed to deliver the best retirement possible, says independent consultant and adviser Stephen Huppert.

Retirement Affordability Index

Our complex system makes independent advice critical

The retirement income system is setting people up to fail because of its complexity, writes Super Consumers director Xavier O’Halloran.

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