Has private health insurance become unaffordable?

Private health insurance premiums are now rising at twice the rate of the average income. Can older Australians continue to afford these rising costs?

Federal Budget 2018

Federal Budget 2018: The key issues for retirees

YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability research shows how difficult it is to make ends meet in retirement. Here is what is needed to address this in Budget 2018.

Retirement Income

How an annuity can provide a secure retirement income

Securing an adequate and sustainable income is the savings goal of most Australians when planning and entering their retirement.

Federal Budget 2017

Budget 2017: how does it affect you?

Today Treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his much-anticipated Budget 2017/18 and YourLifeChoices was in the Budget Media Lock Up to enable us to report on the changes that matter most for retirees.

Federal Budget

Five Budget 2017 no-brainers for Sco-Mo

YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability research shows how difficult it is to make ends meet in retirement. Here’s what’s needed to address this in Budget 2017.

Federal Budget 2017

Economist tells young Australians to rent, not buy

Deloitte Access Economics economist Chris Richardson told the National Press Club on Wednesday that right now younger Australians should be looking to rent, not buy.

Federal Budget

Budget 2017–18: outlook for retirement and housing

Politics again trumped policy when Scott Morrison talked about housing affordability on Monday so let’s get on with the solutions that will work if adopted in Budget 2017–18.


Revealing the truth about retirement affordability

There are more than 3 million retirees in Australia living on a fixed income, many of whom are doing it very tough. Yet their plight is rarely discussed and, in the eyes of policy makers, they’re seemingly invisible.


How much was Tony Shepherd paid for chairing Commission of Audit?

Earlier this week, Tony Shepherd suggested Australia risked being crippled by pension spending. This prompted many of you to ask what he was paid by taxpayers for his work on the Commission of Audit.


Pension gap widens

New reports measuring pension changes and retirement affordability mean longer living Australians are even more at risk.

Living in retirement

Retirement affordability suggestions

Based on the results from our Retirement Affordability survey, we know our members are a bunch of savvy spenders and savers. So, in what will be a four-part series of articles, we’ve chosen 20 of the best and simplest tips provided and offer ways in which they can be achieved.