Finance News

How much is needed for an SMSF?

Keith has always planned to start his own SMSF, but is now starting to question whether he has sufficient funds to make it worthwhile.


Australians underfunded for retirement

Research by HSBC shows Australians have a 13-year shortfall in their retirement savings. Among the 15 countries surveyed, this gap is the fourth worst in the world.

Federal Budget

Changes to superannuation

In the Federal Budget 2014, the schedule for increasing the superannuation guarantee and excess contributions tax has been amended.

$1 million not enough

Staggeringly, $1 million will not be enough to retire on in the very near future

Too much information

Fewer taxpayers and more people living in retirement means a ticking time bomb


Super women

For many women, superannuation and retirement funding is something which is, more often than not, provided by a husband. But with more women in the workforce, many the family's main breadwinner, taking control of your superannuation can’t happen quickly enough.