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The top 10 places to retire outside of the city

Canstar has curated a list of 10 popular retirement havens, based on house price and proximity to essential services needed by most older people.


ACCC to investigate the Aveo national retirement village scandal

The ACCC will now launch an investigation of the “more serious matters being raised” in the Aveo retirement village scandal.


Home sweet home – for some

Retirement homes often promote themselves as offering residents independence, choice and comfort. Unfortunately some residents don't always get what they bargained for.

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Claiming Rent Assistance for site fees

Janet is looking to purchase a unit in an over-55s complex and would like to know if she’ll receive Rent Assistance to cover site and amenities fees.

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Our research shows retirement renters are doing it toughest

It’s not only the younger people who are doing it tough in this overheated property market. Our research reveals the plight of retirement renters who are doing it toughest of all.

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What do you really think about retirement living?

Do you think retirement villages could be better designed? Why not share your thoughts in this quick survey and you could win one of three iPads?

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The five rules of retirement

There’s a reason we conduct retirement surveys: to find out which issues affect you most so we can help make your retirement more affordable. Today, we share five basic rules for reviewing your retirement savings or income.


Have you considered all your downsizing options?

If you’re thinking of downsizing your home, you may have to consider alternative options to the traditional apartment or unit to make it financially worth your while.

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Retirement video battle: Aussies up the ante

Homeowners of the Ocean Club Resort have upped the ante when it comes to promoting their retirement community and the results are sure to put a smile on your face.


Housing agreement signed but ‘no’ to negative gearing

An agreement between the state and territory governments could see more investment in affordable housing but changes to negative gearing remain off the table.

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Calls for fairness in the retirement housing sector

A Parliamentary Inquiry into Victoria’s retirement housing sector, is currently underway. Consumer Action Law Centre’s Gerard Brody takes a look at some of the issues being debated.


Is it time to tell the adult kids to stay away?

Turning your adult children away can be difficult, but if, like Bill, their continued presence is restricting your fun in retirement, it may be time for some not-so-subtle hints.

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