Are you ready to retire quiz

Are you all set for retirement? Have you done the necessary planning to ensure a successful, or at least comfortable, life after work? Why not take this quiz to see how prepared you are?

Living in retirement

Five unexpected retirement expenses

No matter how good your planning is, there are always going to be some expenses which, no matter how good you are at financial forecasting, will go right under the planning radar.

Retirement Affordability Index

Why create the Retirement Affordability Index?

A growing proportion of Australian retirees living on a fixed income are finding it increasingly difficult to make ends meet


Retirement Affordability Index September 2017

Most retirees have worked long and hard to earn the right to enjoy a fulfilling life after full-time work. But the statistics tell us that the majority of retirees (70%) who are on a full or part Age Pension spend a lot of time watching every penny.


Should buyers trial retirement villages before signing?

Thousands of older Australians dream of moving into a purpose-built ‘resort’ with like-minded retirees. Can they trial retirement village life before buying?


Retirement Affordability Index June 2017

As promised, the quarterly YourLifeChoices Retirement Affordability Index™ is back, reporting the latest insights into what retirement living really costs.

Finance News

Five important questions retirees forget to ask their planner

When dealing with a financial planner, you should always feel as if you’re able to ask as many questions as you need – just make sure you don’t forget these ones.

Retirement Planning

Five steps to a happy retirement

Our no-nonsense planner Maurice Patane offers five easy steps to ensure your happiness is in check during your retirement.


Superannuation: how the changes will affect you

Super rules will change on 1 July 2017, some of which have caused confusion and concern. Our simple explanations will help you find out which ones apply to you and how you may be affected.


Retirement Affordability Index March 2017

YourLifeChoices, in partnership with The Australia Institute, is excited to announce the inaugural Retirement Affordability Index™ – the only report that investigates the real cost of living in retirement for all retirement households in Australia.

Finance News

More older Australians seeking financial advice

When the FoFA legislation was implemented on 1 July 2013, it was immediately apparent that the onus on planning for retirement was being laid firmly in the hands of each individual.


Ensure your super beneficiaries are up to date

What happens to your super when you die isn't something most people like to consider, but it’s important to ensure that those who need it most are the ones who will benefit.

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