Credit Cards

What’s your credit score?

A new initiative, GetCreditScore, has launched as part of MoneySmart Week.

Living in retirement

World’s top 10 places to retire

International Living has released its list of the top destinations in which to retire for less overseas. Which countries made the cut?


Super fund risk versus reward

Superannuation is an incredibly useful way of saving for your retirement – but how do you know if you’re in the right fund Jeff Bresnahan explains.

Ignorance is never bliss

In the wake of this year’s Federal Budget we asked YOURLifeChoices’ members their views on retirement. According to nearly 4500 respondents, the outlook is bleak.


Your right to work

Age Discrimination Commissioner, Susan Ryan, explains your rights and what you can do if you are wronged at work.


What will really change today?

Discover exactly which budget items will take effect today.


CBA chased victims for money

The implication of Commonwealth Bank staff in a $100 million fraud was allegedly ignored by the banking giant, which instead decided to chase the victims for the return of the funds.

Federal Budget

Changes to superannuation

In the Federal Budget 2014, the schedule for increasing the superannuation guarantee and excess contributions tax has been amended.

Budget beat-ups and reliable updates

The months leading up to the budget are typified by wild guesses and conjecture about which cuts will be made and who will bear the brunt.


Online self managed super funds

Are online SMSFs reputable and do you really need one?


Retirement – oh what a year!

What a year it’s been for retirees and those planning to do so. In general, Australian retirees, whether on a full or part Age Pension, or self-funded, are still suffering the affects of the GFC. n

Seniors Finance

Roadmap for your retirement

An essential guide to assist you in assessing your goals for the later stage of your life

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