The high cost of retirement

The cost of retirement just went up again with estimates of $1.5 million, and $1.32 million as the amount a couple will need to have saved.


AustralianSuper puts all-male company boards on notice

AustralianSuper is taking direct action to address the lack of female representation on company boards, voting against the re-election of directors to all-male boards.


PM Turnbull now targeting super

The Government may be shifting its approach to tax reform, proposing new rules for a single super tax rate which will apply to all Australians regardless of their income.


Women’s super under review

Economic security for women in retirement is under scrutiny by a Senate Inquiry and a submission yesterday highlighted just how dire the situation is.

Finance News

Is trust in planners possible?

At the ASIC Annual Forum in Sydney the big question was whether ordinary Australians could trust financial planners with their life savings.


Conflicted remuneration rules

Whether we have a Royal Commission into the financial planning industry remains to be seen. In the meantime, how do consumers regain trust in what appears to be a corrupt system?

Finance News

Do you have the right super fund?

A new year is not only a good time to review how your super is performing, but also to check how insurance premiums may be eroding your retirement savings.


FoFA reversal cuts cost of advice

Actuarial reports suggest that the cost of advice under the re-instated FoFA legislation will now be nearly halved.

Dear Treasurer, help us… to help ourselves

The most disappointing aspect of the budget is that it fails to address the long term issues confronting longer living older Australians.


FoFA changes to hurt investors

Abbott Government reforms emasculate investors’ protection.