Living in retirement

New website shines spotlight on retirement village fees

A Victorian lawyer hopes to encourage greater transparency in retirement village contracts and fees through a recently-launched comparison website.


Cutting through the quagmire of retirement village fees

When a Macquarie University applied finance expert helping his mother shop around for a retirement village could not make head nor tail of the contracts, he developed an online tool.


Closer scrutiny of retirement village operators

One sector that isn’t starved of attention at the moment is the retirement living industry, with multiple state inquiries and consumer watchdogs probing the way it is managed.

Living in retirement

Aveo confesses it let retirement village residents down

Retirement village operator Aveo yesterday admitted it needs to lift its game after posting a 118 per cent jump in net profit to $253 million for the past financial year.


Proposal to ‘strip’ village residents of rights

Senior residents have slammed proposed Victorian legislation for the retirement village sector saying it reinforces big companies’ power to lord over those who own freehold titles in their communities.


State ministers to meet to discuss retirement villages

Consumer affairs ministers from around the country will meet to discuss the retirement village scandal and investigate possible solutions.


Retirement village residents consider class action against managers

Lawyer tells Melbourne Town Hall crowd that he intends to “put a blowtorch to the belly of a sector imposing unconscionable conditions on retirees”.

Living in retirement

Residents call out retirement village owner on ‘gouging’

Retirement village operator Aveo is accused by residents of bad business practices including “churning, gouging, safety issues and misleading marketing”.

Living in retirement

Calls for fairness in the retirement housing sector

A Parliamentary Inquiry into Victoria’s retirement housing sector, is currently underway. Consumer Action Law Centre’s Gerard Brody takes a look at some of the issues being debated.

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Retirement village living

Our no-nonsense financial planner Maurice Patane answers Marty’s question about how to choose the right kind of retirement village.

Living in retirement

Retirement village rentals

Life in a retirement village is an attractive proposition for many Australians but the cost of buying can be restrictive. Renting is an option to consider but how do you find a suitable village?


Retirement village opportunity

An exciting new opportunity has emerged for existing home owners over 55 years of age to enter this six unit retirement village on excellent terms in a great location. This as new two bedroom unit in Bentleigh is about to become available at an ingoing price of just $420,000 with no stamp duty.

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