Brain health

Delaying retirement can help slow cognitive decline, study finds

Research shows that delaying your retirement until at least age 67 can slow cognitive decline.


Where in Australia do retirees have the most disposable income?

Are there regions of Australia where retirees have more disposable income? There are, but they might surprise you.

Money Q&A

Can you move your shares into your superannuation?

Edith has heard that it is possible to move shares into superannuation when you are nearing retirement. What are the benefits of doing this?


'Logic-defying' property prices good news for older Aussies

Seasoned real estate professionals shaking their heads in disbelief at surge in prices.

Superannuation News

Concessions help wealthiest Australians avoid tax with super

Data from the ATO reveals wealthiest Australians using self-managed super funds to minimise tax.


COVID delaying Australian retirements, experts find

Data reveals that pandemic lockdowns are increasing the average retirement age.

Seniors Finance

Combining your investments with the Age Pension

Retirement specialist Jeremy Duffield shows how the Age Pension can support most retirements.


Podcast: Personal finance expert Noel Whittaker talks super

John Deeks speaks to personal finance guru Noel Whittaker about superannuation.


Life changes needn't be life changing

Life's full of twists and turns. Change happens. Adapt with confidence - whatever life brings.

Retirement Planning

Survey shows retirement confidence may be misplaced

A majority of older Australians say they're confident doing their own retirement planning, but for many there could be a problem.


Underperforming super funds to be handed their 'fail' rating today

Funds that don't pass the new performance test must inform their members in writing.

Retirement Income

Lyn retired with little super and was unable to pay the rent

Lyn retired with little super and was unable to pay the rent. Her story is not uncommon.

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