Experts analyse expected super earnings

Rice Warner and Allens Linklater explain the long-term ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australian superannuation and the earnings we should expect.


April superannuation results defy virus gloom

Returns escape plunge experienced during the Global Financial Crisis.

Finance News

Ethics drives big rewards for superannuation

The performance of superannuation funds managed by Australian Ethical indicates that mainstream investment returns can be matched and even surpassed.


Super returns showing modest growth in September quarter

Super funds have enjoyed a steady start to the new financial year, with modest growth in the September quarter and industry funds again outperforming retail funds.

Income and asset tests

Are you losing out to deeming rates?

Ray thinks there is something not quite kosher going on with how deeming rates are applied to share portfolios – is he onto something or is there a reasonable explanation?

Banking & Investment

Do your investments pass the test?

It’s always tempting to look for a high-return investment. But before you move your money, there are a few simple questions you should ask.


Superannuation update #1 2014

The 10-year returns are impressive, but is your fund one of the best performers?