Banking & Investment

University to probe reverse mortgages

Researchers from the University of NSW Business School will investigate behavioural and other issues behind the low uptake of reverse mortgages in Australia.


When does life insurance stop making sense?

Andrea asks Noel Whittaker if she should continue to pay for life insurance, while Dragrush wants to know how best to reap some cash from an investment property.

Federal Budget 2018

All pensioners can now access cheap government loans

Home-owning pensioners struggling to fund the retirement they want have been thrown a lifeline courtesy of the Federal Budget 2018 - a cheap reverse mortgage with the Government.


Cashing in on your property: the pros and cons

Asset-rich, cash-poor – it’s a refrain on the lips of many older Australians who either partly or fully own their homes. But they don’t have to choose between a roof over their head or the cash.

Age Pension

Will a reverse mortgage lump sum affect the Age Pension?

Diane would like to take out a reverse mortgage to help her children financially but is concerned that her Age Pension will be affected, despite being told it won’t be.

Finance News

Can I claim rental assistance?

Because Gwenda is horrified at the rate at which the debt on her reverse mortgage is accruing, she is wondering if she can claim some kind of rental assistance.


Reverse mortgage or line of credit

Len is considering accessing the equity in his home, but is confused whether a reverse mortgage or line of credit is the best option to do this.

Mortgage & home Loans

When a reverse mortgage is the right choice

The National Information Centre on Retirement Investments Inc (NICRI) receives many requests for information or advice on whether an equity release product is the right choice when looking to access funds. NICRI is an Australian Government-funded, independent consumer agency providing information to the general public on investment products.