The 100 places you must put on your bucket list

Lee Atkinson has driven the roads, walked the walks, camped and glamped, sampled the food, tried the tours, swum in the pools and at the beaches. For Nature Escapes, she has left no stone unturned.


Man jailed for writing fake travel reviews on TripAdvisor

A man has been jailed for writing fake travel reviews on TripAdvisor, in a landmark fraud ruling that should scare others from posting favourable or unfavourable critiques under false identities.

New South Wales

Historic Sydney hotel: book direct and save

One of central Sydney’s newest hotels ticked a lot of boxes when it came to value, location and history. Here’s our rating on the historic Tank Stream Hotel.


Kaye shares her take on Van Gogh and the Seasons

It’s winter and a great time to embrace the season, reflect and contemplate. Where better, and what better than a Van Gogh winter masterpiece exhibition in Melbourne?


Can you trust online travel reviews?

With the reliability of the internet difficult to trust at the best of times, there are some clear clues on how to recognise the reviews you need to listen to and those you should disregard.


In Trip Advisor we trust

As someone who isn’t really a Trip Advisor fan, I have to say I cannot thank them enough for these tourist reviews of London which had me in tears of laughter.

Movie Reviews


Rachel and Drew disagree over the new James Bond film Skyfall

Argo hits the spot

If you enjoy a fast-paced political thriller with great acting, then this is the one for you. Argo is certainly the best movie I’ve seen in a long, long time.

Book Reviews

The Casual Vacancy

The lives of the townsfolk of the small West Country town of Padford as they prepare for the local parish council elections, may not seem a particularly racy setting for book, but behind closed doors…

Movie Reviews

Monsieur Lazhar

This is a quiet, not so little, (at 94 minutes) movie, which is both contemporary and uplifting. And it has a great deal of substance.

Free Downloads

Free iPhone map apps

The latest update to the Apple iPhone has seen the release of Apple’s very own mapping software. The maps are full of glitches and errors (the MCG is missing entirely!), causing chaos for some users. Drew reviews three free mapping alternatives for your iPhone to get you back on the (correct) road.

Health News

Do weight loss supplements work?

Do weight loss supplements work or are they a waste of time? Find out if your magic pills are worth the money or if they are doing you and your wallet harm.

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