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Government calls halt to key part of robo-debt scheme

The government has ordered an immediate stop to a key part of Centrelink’s controversial robo-debt scheme less than two weeks before Victoria Legal Aid is set to challenge the system.


DHS won’t rule out targeting age pensioners next

The Department of Human Services has not ruled out expanding the robo-debt program to target age pensioners and vulnerable Australians currently on the ‘safe list’.

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Class action could deliver justice for Centrelink victims

The announcement by Gordon Legal of a class action to compensate victims of the government’s so-called robo-debt scheme is groundbreaking.

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Centrelink’s controversial robo-debt scheme hits new low

Centrelink’s scheme has been ramped up a notch, according to a top QC, who says information about the time limit on alleged debts has been ‘misleading’.

Age Pension

What to do if you get a Centrelink debt notice

Phillip has been told he is in debt for Age Pension overpayments and wants to know how to challenge the ruling.

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Centrelink to face federal court over flawed robo-debt system

Centrelink is facing a landmark court case after Victorian Legal Aid (VLA) filed papers in the federal court on Tuesday challenging the infamous robo-debt system.


Robo-debt Mark II puts vulnerable in its sights

A new “robo-debt” trial being conducted by Centrelink is targeting the most vulnerable of welfare recipients, including elderly Australians.


Senate inquiry calls for an end to robo-debt system

The automated debt recovery debacle has already proved damaging and if pensioners are next it could spell the end for the Government.


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